I have never asked anything of Acre that I haven’t received, and with distinction.
— Malcolm H. Manson, Founding Head Of School, The Bay School of San Francisco






We believe that lunch time at school is not only a time to nourish, but also a time to educate and build community. “Real School Lunch™” is an opportunity to educate students’ palates to seasonal eating, as well as to explore sustainability through programs such as recycling, composting, and zero food waste. A daily experience of delicious, balanced, meals celebrates healthy eating habits, curbing kids’ reliance on processed and sugary foods. As numerous studies have shown, a healthy diet supports well-being, and enhances a student’s capacity to stay focused and engaged.

Each Day, we cook and serve over 2,500 delicious, organic, made-from-scratch meals. Our successful lunch program promotes an optimistic outlook within the school, fosters community, and nurtures the individual. We define our success by the many happy faces we see in the lunchroom!