Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What kind of food does Acre Gourmet serve?

A. Everyday, we cook all of our food from scratch using quality sustainable and organic ingredients, sourced locally for the healthiest possible product. Our diverse and changing menu is prepared with care, ensuring a satisfying eating experience for students and faculty. Visit our Acre Real School Lunch™ page for more detailed information and menu samples.

Q. What are Acre Gourmet’s standards in regards to trans fats, additives, hormones, pesticides, sugar, GMOs and allergies?

A. Since opening our first kitchen in 1991, we have used sustainable and organic ingredients in all our cooking. Following in this tradition, our Acre Real School Lunch™ Menus:

  • Are low in sugar and free of trans fats

  • Use humanely raised grass-fed meat and free range poultry that is free of hormones and antibiotics

  • Pay special attention to vegetarian and vegan options and all dietary/allergy concerns

  • Avoid processed or deep-fried foods

  • Avoid genetically modified food (GMO)

Q. Sustainable and organic food can be expensive. How can our school afford a lunch program like Acre Real School Lunch™?

A. Making the transition to a healthy lunch program does not have to break the bank. We work with schools and parents to assure value in our Acre Real School Lunch™. Over the years we have developed relationships with organic farmers and suppliers. Volume-based orders are often delivered from organic farms directly to all our kitchens, allowing our sustainable organic ingredients to be affordable.

Q. Does the Acre Real School Lunch™ require an on-site kitchen?

A. Yes, but in many cases it is possible to create a low cost on-site kitchen. We welcome the chance to evaluate your needs and see how we can provide Acre Real School Lunch™ at your school.

Q. What system do you use for student payment?

A. Our program is all-inclusive for the school community and built into the school tuition. We have found this model to be superior in all regards - creating quality, consistency, community-building, and educational opportunities.

Q. Does a school need to add any staff to help manage the program? Who manages the food line and teaches young kids how to serve themselves?

A. It is not necessary for your school to hire any additional staff. Acre Gourmet will be responsible for hiring and managing all kitchen staff. Each of our school’s lunch programs has its own floor manager to oversee the flow of the dining room and coordinate with school administrators and parents. We welcome teacher and parental volunteers in the dining room.

Q. What will happen with our school’s existing kitchen staff if we select Acre Real School Lunch™?

A.  Our goal at Acre Gourmet is to provide you with a lunch program that serves you best. We will work with you to evaluate how your respected kitchen staff members can be integrated into our Acre Real School Lunch™ operation.

Q. How does a school navigate through the health codes and myriad of other compliance and related issues?

A. As food service professionals, Acre Gourmet always adheres to Health Department regulations. We talk with our schools about all operational issues at the beginning of the program and come up with commonsense solutions to suit everyone. Other issues that come up after the program has launched are handled as they arise with flexibility, care and professionalism.

Q. As a parent, how can I bring Acre Gourmet’s program into my school?

A.  Here are some general tips on getting started:


When transitioning to a healthy and sustainable school lunch program, questions will arise. Acre Gourmet welcomes the chance to meet administrators, parents and decision makers for a Q&A session, and can also arrange tours of Acre Real School Lunch™ programs in operation.